Oil and gas suspension system design and development and supply

Oil and gas suspension system design and development and supply


Electrically controlled hydropneumatic suspension system is mainly composed of controller, cylinder assembly, valve plate assembly, pipeline system, accumulator assembly, height sensor and other components.

The electrically controlled oil and gas suspension system independently developed by kong hui can achieve the following main functions:

Quick leveling of vehicle body: quickly realize the leveling of vehicle platform without hydraulic prop;

Suspension rigid locking: the suspension is made rigid artificially to meet the special functional requirements of the vehicle platform;

Continuously adjustable damping: automatically and continuously changing damping to achieve the best smoothness;

Suspension coupling and cross-linking: flexibly change the force transfer relationship among the suspension, achieve anti-roll, anti-pitch, improve ride comfort and other functions;

Road surface perception: automatically identify the road surface roughness information to provide signals for suspension and vehicle control;

Load perception: identify the quality information on the spring.

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