KHAT companies over the years has been committed to the chassis set-up ability accumulation, relying on strong in the CAE analysis ability and the reliable test platform, and with many famous foreign technology consulting company for strategic cooperation, have a strong competitive advantage in the field of calibration, success and technology center, Beijing automotive research institute, tianjin faw xiali, geely automobile, hippocampus group signed the calibration program.

I. evaluation system

In the process of cooperating with famous foreign adjustment companies, honghui auto pays much attention to accumulating its own adjustment ability. At present, the company has a number of adjustment teachers and subjective and objective evaluation teachers, and has established a perfect subjective and objective evaluation system.

Second, the adjustment case

Kong hui automobile has carried out the adjustment work in the domestic many main engine factories, involves the vehicle type coverage to be quite wide, including the miniature car, the ordinary class car, the intermediate car, the passenger car and the off-road vehicle and so on.

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