Pedal force stroke tester

Pedal force stroke tester


The pedal force stroke tester (pa-10) USES the tensioning belt to fix the test bracket in the seat, which not only effectively USES the space, but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of the experimental data. The test data of pedal force sensor and Angle sensor are transmitted through the serial interface through the data collector. Equipped with professional operation software, the real-time curve can be displayed intuitively on the upper computer and saved at any time. It can meet the measurement requirements of three pedals (i.e., clutch pedal, brake pedal and accelerator pedal) for different models.

Equipment features

It can meet the measurement requirements of three pedals (clutch, brake and acceleration) of different models

May carry on each pedal static and the dynamic actual vehicle test

Sensors and data acquisition system are imported components, all aluminum alloy structure

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